Alanna Hill — Scholarship Testimonials

Alannah Hill and David BalzerAlannah Hill and David Balzer from the Far North Coast Law Society.

Hello my name is Alanna Hill and I was selected as one of two recipients for the Far North Coast Law Society Scholarship for 2016. I write to you today to show my gratitude and thanks for the support and opportunity.

Firstly, thank you for selecting me to be a recipient for the scholarship as I know there were multiple applicants, it truly makes me feel appreciated for my efforts throughout my degree. Your representative I met at the presentation last week was very helpful and understanding and I really appreciate being able to speak with him and receive some wisdom in terms of what it to come in the future years.

Working part time and studying can be extremely difficult in terms of financial stability so the monetary contribution made has been an exceptional burden and stress relief. It has allowed me to focus on my studies with the designated textbooks, without having to worry or try to fit extra working hours into my schedule, which would impact my grades significantly. For this, I am extremely grateful and honestly cannot thank you enough for the support.

Receiving a scholarship helps students to feel recognised for their success, so I would like to recommend all students in the Far North Coast area, who aim to remain here post studies to apply for this scholarship in 2017.

Thank you again to the Far North Coast Law Society for the opportunity and support and it has not gone unappreciated.


Alanna Hill