David Stuckey — Scholarship Testimonials

David Stuckey and representative of the Louise Morgan Fund, Rob Mackerras
David Stuckey and representative of the Louise Morgan Fund, Rob Mackerras.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the Morgan family for their generous contribution to my studies through the Louise Morgan Scholarship.

The scholarship has given me the financial support through my first year of university and a boost in self-confidence for my achievements. The scholarship has allowed me to reduce my working hours outside of university study which has allowed me to focus greatly on studying for my units. The result of my focus which was caused by the scholarship is respectful grades in my first semester and has set me up for successes in my second semester. The financial support from the scholarship has also allowed me to buy all of the necessary text books, print off lecture notes and update my technology so I am able to study effectively. The self confidence boost that the scholarship has given me will now allow me take opportunities that I did not think were possible before. I would like to thank the SCU scholarships committee for organising this opportunity and again I would like to thank the Morgan Family for their generosity and express how much this scholarship has benefited me.