Justin Leigh-Smith — Scholarship Testimonials

Yvonne Dive from Rowe Scientific, Justin Leigh-Smith and Elizabeth Roberts
Yvonne Dive from Rowe Scientific, Justin Leigh-Smith and Elizabeth Roberts.

Thank you for your generous $5000 Rowe Scientific Chemistry Honours. I am honoured to be awarded this scholarship for this academic year and am deeply appreciative for your support. Being awarded this scholarship is symbolic of my dedication to my studies as well as investing in my own future.

From an academic perspective I am interested in the sources, fate and consequences of contaminants in the marine environment and hope to pursue a career in ecotoxicology. I am very excited to be undertaking my honours project, investigating the effects of iron on scleractinian coral (stony corals) fertilization and larval development. Ecotoxicological data derived from this study will enhance current scientific knowledge regarding iron toxicity in marine waters and ultimately increase the reliability of guideline values set to protect tropical marine ecosystems. The project has just passed the proposal phase in which I was awarded 9/10 for my project proposal. We have also conducted iron speciation experiments to measure the amount of colloidal and free iron present in seawater systems over various ageing periods using a range of dissolved iron dosed concentrations. Data from these experiments will be used for the toxicity experiments which we will be conducted during coral spawning in November this year. The financial assistance you have provided me will assist in covering tuition fees, purchasing chemistry textbooks and possibly a stereo microscope.

Once again thank you again for your generosity and support. I will continue to strive for excellence and hopefully be a role model for other mature aged students, illustrating anything is possible when you are passionate about something.