Karen Junge — Scholarship Testimonials

Jenny Dowell and Karen Junge
Mayor of Lismore, Jenny Dowell and Karen Junge

There aren’t words enough to express how incredibly grateful I am to you, Mayor Jenny Dowell, and to all of your team on the Lismore City Council. You couldn’t know just how much your time, generosity and kind words have helped both me and my family this year. Starting university as a mature aged student faced with the daunting reality of going blind, I’m sure you can imagine my fears. I know I am ridiculously lucky to have found the path (Osteopathy) that so beautifully fits both myself and my disability. For this reason, I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well and to get through my degree swiftly. To have you, your team and Southern Cross University acknowledge my efforts and to place your support, belief and trust in me is life changing. You’ve done wonders for my confidence, made my family so proud and your generous scholarship has allowed me to spend drastically less hours working and stressing and more hours learning. All of these things will make a world of difference in creating a safe, competent and dedicated Osteopath. Thank you so so much. People like you are making the world a better place and it would be an honour to someday do the same.