Moesha Johnson — Scholarship Testimonials

Moesha Johnson and Andrew Tucker
Moesha Johnson and Andrew Tucker from Summerland Credit Union.

It has been an honour to be the recipient of the Summerland Credit Union Scholarship this year. Throughout my first session at university, the scholarship has eased my financial burdens, allowed me to reach new levels in both my study and sporting life and enriched my time as a student at Southern Cross University.

As a full-time university student, combined with being an elite athlete, there is little time available to work. With the generous assistance of Summerland Credit Union, this scholarship has enabled me to achieve high grades across all units and reach my goals in swimming. Not only has the financial assistance been encouraging, and supportive, it has connected me with some incredible people. This year I competed at the Olympic Swimming trials placing 5th and in a personal best time. There is no doubt the support from my scholarship donor has greatly assisted me in reaching this result, not only financially but also through the support of knowing they care about a young person like me. Moving into my second session at university I am once again reminded of the generosity of my donors, being able to focus on my studies, and continue my journey towards my goals in swimming.

I would once again like to thank Summerland Credit Union for their generous support and beautiful team of staff, and I look forward to what the future holds.