Digital video

All digital media students complete a number of units exploring audiovisual production. Students usually work in groups on a variety of video production projects, including television commercials, animations, music videos, short films and video essays. Students gain access to the full range of professional production equipment available in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, such as HD cameras, lighting kits and sound recording equipment, as well as the multi-cam television studio.

The examples below were produced in From Page to Production: Essential Screen Skills (unit code COM10112) where students must produce a 30-second TV commercial.

No Shave No Stress Stockings

By Libby Lawler, Mary Skelsey, Michael Martin and Narelle Johnson

Grey Wolf Grandma

By Matthew Power

Hug a Union Member

By Lachlan Rutherford, Amanda Sammut, Chris Speed and Julian Hay

Zombie Guard

Produced by Justin Fenwick, Kayla Casson, Elle Gerrand, Tyson Redman, Dannielle Lane, Jordan Carter

SCU Board Games Club

By Justin Page, Chris Whare, Jasmin Morrissey, Michael Alvey and Harmonica Willing

Helpful Hardware

Produced by Abbey Hunt, Byron Peszko, Brooke Bignall-Cowan, Jacob Charles

The Woods

Produced by Steven Kwan, William Whalan, Kayleigh-Rea Smith, Blake Walsh

Hipster Chairs

Produced by Jali Armstrong, Paul Bloomfield, James Downey, Stephanie Rogers