Radio and podcasting

As new and online media forms become more embedded in every-day life, the way traditional media broadcasting operates is changing – online radio and pod-casts are fast replacing traditional radio broadcasts. In our Making Radio and Online Journalism units students produce audio stories and features designed for online delivery.

Designing a locative audio walk around the SCU Lismore campus.

In 2016, students in our Making Radio unit produced content for a “soundtrails” sound-walk around the SCU Lismore campus.

Listen in armchair mode

BayFM Community Newsroom

In 2017, students Chloe Jager and Karlyn Major joined the Community Newsroom program team at community radio station BayFM, as part of their studies in the Independent Project and Media Project units.

Karlyn Major

Cloe Jager

Experimental radio drama, "Case File 63"

In a world where losing things is so common and nobody knows who to blame, we take an in-depth look at a court case that has two household items on trial for their theft. This isn’t any ordinary trial, but one that features a broken love affair, a video game controller with a serious case of the rhymes, and a lawyer who is a little bit too invested in his pen. Will the socks be found? Was it the washing machine or the dryer? All this and much more will be revealed during this special podcast of case 63.

This radio drama podcast was produced by Kayleigh Smith, Simon Whicker, Kristian Keogh and Marissa Newman in COM00461 Making Radio in 2016.