The painting program places emphasis upon students becoming practicing artists with an excellent grounding for further artistic and professional development for career paths such as teaching, arts administration and postgraduate research.

Students gain a thorough grounding in technical and conceptual matters relevant to contemporary visual arts practice. They are provided with instruction in a range of synthetic polymer and oil-based paints and have the opportunity to broaden into such areas as encaustic, watercolours and various forms of mixed media. The performance characteristics of canvas, paper, panel, handmade paper and other painting supports are studied as a solid platform for exploring innovative and creative uses of materials.

Research and exploration are encouraged in the use of media, in the development of ideas and the study of contemporary issues in the field. Students are provided with an introduction to the influence and characteristics of the digital potential within a painting studio context. From structured exercises to self-initiated approaches, students gain resources and instruction to enable them to develop a self-sustaining visual art practice - one that is both personally expressive and reflective of contemporary social and cultural issues. Best professional practice and occupational health and safety issues are given high priority in the purpose-built painting studios.

All academic and technical staff are practicing artists with national profiles. They exhibit locally and in major cosmopolitan centres throughout Australia and internationally.

Image gallery of student work