Graduate story: Canditta Gorry



Canditta Gorry
Youth Outreach Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
Lives Lived Well
Bachelor of Social Welfare, currently studying a Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)

"I grew up in a low socioeconomic welfare housing estate in NSW where the prospect of university was just a dream. I was expelled from high school before my 14th birthday and decided the welfare and education system had failed me. I wanted to implement change within the realm of social welfare but paradoxically realised I required a sound education to do so."

Canditta has been working at Lived Lived well (LLW) since doing a field placement there since the second year of her degree.

"From that I gained cause employment at LLW's residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facilities in Logan, near Brisbane. My role as a therapeutic community worker involved counselling, case management and facilitation group therapy sessions. Just before graduation, I was offered a position facilitating a pre-release Drug Offenders' Intervention Treatment Program at a maximum security prison for men in Wacol. For 18 months, I case-managed forensic clients with addiction and behavioural issues, maintained case notes and wrote progress reports to our founding body, the Queensland Department of Health and Ageing.

"Now I work as a Youth Outreach Drug and Alcohol (YODA) Counsellor with LLW. I provide six to eight counselling sessions to each client. I've also been facilitating Gold Coast High School Drug and Alcohol presentations to more than 300 students at a time."