Video Transcript: Anastasia Scales


My name is Anastasia Scales. I perform under the name Nastaij. I do solo hip hop, I also drum in various bands. So my day job is all about headphones, it's all about music and everything to do with listening to sound. I am a brand advocate for Sennheiser. I mainly focusing with training making sure everything runs well in the headphone business.

I first got into music when I was about 17. I started playing drums. Once I finished Uni I moved to Melbourne which is where I am now. Since then I've been gigging most weekends. I've had the pleasure of working with many amazing people, I'm loving it. When I moved to Melbourne I was cooking in a café, very busy, trendy. Good coffee and I absolutely loved it but then I saw this job come up with Sennheiser. Having done music my whole life and no brainer. It was something that I wanted to do in a company that I wanted to work for. What I enjoy most about the industry that I'm in is meeting people. Every day I get to meet new faces and make new friendships.

Recently I actually won a competition with triple J Unearthed. It allowed me to team up with the guys at NIDA, the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and actually film a film clip which got aired recently on Rage and the response has been great, one of the best things that ever happened to me.

At Uni I studied music business and industry studies which really helped to get me where I am today, working in the music industry and also working weekends during stage managing or doing gigs. One of the biggest highlights for me in my course was having the opportunity to work at Bluesfest. It allowed us to get our hands dirty and learn so much on the job when it came to live sound and music management. My advice to people thinking about doing a degree would be just take that first step, really jump in there and do it. The career opportunities that come from it are amazing and the friends that you'll make you'll have for life.

My name is Anastasia Scales and this is my story.