Women in Contemporary Music

Robyn Archer supports women in the arts

"I know that we are always moving forward with issues of equality and opportunity in all professions, but it still continues to amaze me how quickly the norm can revert to an overwhelming male presence unless we are constantly alert to imbalances. It only requires those at the top to keep their eyes wide open, and women's work in the arts can be discovered everywhere, but that unblinkered approach is still rare, and women are still not equally (that simple thing) represented in the arts. I welcome initiatives that allow women to strengthen their presence and I hope that the kind of invisibility of women's work that still prevails will vanish through programs like these. There is no alternative to being visible and being able to do the kind of work you want to do than simply to work hard and be good at whatever you set out to do - but we do need to make sure that women who are dedicated, and who are producing interesting work, do get the opportunity for that work to resonate throughout the wider arts community."

Leigh Carriage - Lecturer in Vocal Studies

"Women have made a tremendous contribution to Australian contemporary music, yet they remain under-represented especially in non-traditional areas and instrumentals. This website has been developed to provide a resource and focal point for women studying Contemporary Music at Southern Cross University -- and to improve the representation and experience of these women students.

The website shows the vibrant, creative and diverse contribution women musicians have made to Australian music and culture, including graduates and student from Southern Cross. In a regional area especially, women students in non-traditional areas often lack support, and this website is one way of providing them with information, resources, contacts, mentors, and inspiration. Many accomplished women musicians and administrators have been happy to be associated with the website, as role models. This is a strong statement of the support which women students can avail themselves of, when struggling with some of the difficulties of becoming better musicians, furthering their education, and succeeding in the industry.