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Environmental Arts and Humanities: LabX

The Northern Rivers region of New South Wales has a long history of environmental research and activism. From the anti-logging protests at Terania Creek in 1979 to the Bentley Blockade in 2014, this region has been a leader in using creative strategies and direct action to protest and address issues of environmental concern.

Emerging from this rich regional legacy and the pressing issue of anthropogenic global warming is the research cluster in Environmental Arts and Humanities also known as LabX.

LabX brings together researchers from multiple disciplines who are concerned about humankind’s effects on and relationship with the environment - at local, national and international levels.

Questioning concepts such as nature and landscape, and exploring the colonial legacies of resource use and extraction are key to addressing how environmental issues are represented in public debate. The group is dedicated to exploring creative strategies and experimental methodologies that can educate, inform and inspire people in re-thinking our relationship with the non-human world.

Visit the LabX website for more information about projects and researchers.

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Diverse and Inclusive Communities

The Diverse and Inclusive Communities research cluster aims to foster and support cross-disciplinary research activity within the School of Arts and Social Sciences. 

We are interested in:

  • Theorising, developing and evaluating innovative strategies that respond to the needs of diverse communities
  • Interrogating the borders and boundaries of communities – who is included and who is excluded – with a view to strengthening community connections and wellbeing for those who are commonly excluded
  • How people come together and collaborate to resolve their own issues and how they can access resources to which they are entitled
  • Exploring the philosophical and practical implications of such things as policy change, insecurity, climate change, social unrest, religious background and/or orientation, and natural disasters.

Current and recent projects include:

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