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Entrepreneurship is considered the backbone and lifeblood of any economy. Entrepreneurs have passion, vigour and the stamina to drive their ideas to create flourishing businesses that benefit entire communities. The fearless entrepreneur takes substantial risks for the sake of creating a new idea. Entrepreneurs provide hope and resilience against global challenges like COVID-19.

The Entrepreneurs Circle provides a networking platform for the practitioners, budding entrepreneurs, researchers, students and communities to understand the journey of an entrepreneur. In each inspiring discussion, you will hear a unique story of an entrepreneur – their trials and tribulations of their triumphant journey.


Entrepreneurship secrets, lessons and the journey of VIVO

15th October 2020

We are pleased to invite you to attend an exciting webinar with the founder and director of VIVO, Salman Nouri. Register now for the first Entrepreneurs Circle’s free webinar on Thursday 15 October, 12-1pm AEST.

Mr Salman Nouri

Get to know Salman

Salman Nouri is the founder and director at VIVO. Salman started VIVO in 2015 with the passion of developing a range of food-grade supplements for the most sensitive clientele in the marketplace. The product range focusses on clients who value high-quality ingredients and wanting to know what products they consume. Six years into his venture, VIVO now is a global business. Salman will share his passion, secrets of success and of course the pitfalls to watch in the journey of entrepreneurship.

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