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Entrepreneurship is considered the backbone and lifeblood of any economy. Entrepreneurs have passion, vigour and the stamina to drive their ideas to create flourishing businesses that benefit entire communities. The fearless entrepreneur takes substantial risks for the sake of creating a new idea. Entrepreneurs provide hope and resilience against global challenges like COVID-19.

The Entrepreneurs Circle provides a networking platform for the practitioners, budding entrepreneurs, researchers, students and communities to understand the journey of an entrepreneur. In each inspiring discussion, you will hear a unique story of an entrepreneur – their trials and tribulations of their triumphant journey.

Entrepreneurs Circle with Lauren Hall, founder and CEO of iVvy

23rd November 2020

We look forward to unpacking Lauren’s entrepreneurship journey and learning what it takes to become a serial entrepreneur. Register now for the next webinar in the Entrepreneurs Circle seminar series on Monday 23 November, 12-1pm AEST.

Lauren Hall

Get to know Lauren

Lauren is Founder and CEO of iVvy, Australia’s multi-award winning software as a service technology company. IVvy provides enterprise software to the events and hospitality industry including the world’s first real-time marketplace for groups and meetings, a real-game changer for the events industry.

Lauren is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years business management experience at executive and board level across the manufacturing, retail (FMCG), advertising and technology industries in both South Africa and Australia. With a background in programming, accounting and marketing, Lauren has successfully built 5 multi-million dollar companies from startup to exit.

Lauren has been chosen by Ernst and Young as a leader of Industry with the EWW program for 2016, won 4 prestigious International Global Stevie Awards for Best New Product of Year 2016, Entrepreneur of the Year Globally 2016, Innovator of the Year 2016, and Entrepreneur of the Year Asia Pacific 2016. She was named Gold Coast Business woman of the year 2016, Innovator of the year 2016 and won the Queensland iAwards for Best Innovation in the Digital Economy 2016. She also won the Gold Coast Mayors award for Innovation in 2017 and recently took out the Women in Technology Award for Innovation in 2020.

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