“The strong practical component of the degree kick-started my career. I am very proud to say that I went to university at Southern Cross.”

Jana Gibson

Head of Member Services at APRA AMCOS
Bachelor of Business in Tourism graduate

So, my name is Jana Gibson and my role at APRA AMCOS is about to be the Head of Member Services.

We provide services to our members who in themselves are actually small businesses as they are songwriters or they're publishers.

I think business skills within a degree and then transitioning you into the business environment I absolutely rate highly in being able to carry through that into the world that I work in now.

I think people need to find the right environment to be able to work, study and to have family commitments. As long as you're able to make sure you can fit it all into a schedule... and there's maybe a really strong plan in place, then I think it's all definitely achievable. 

What I learnt in terms of basic skills has certainly set me up for where I am now, but also the great environment of that regional university meant that I had these fantastic long term relationships. So you know I had some great opportunities, and it was a really great start for my working career, my time at Southern Cross.

Meet our staff

Dean of Business and Head of School Head of Gold Coast campus

Professor Robin Stonecash
Contact via PA Sue White
T: +61 7 5589 3174
E: sbat.pa@scu.edu.au


T: +61 7 5589 3365
E: studybusiness@scu.edu.au

Other staff

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Current students

Undergraduate support


T: 1800 005 687
E: studybusiness@scu.edu.au

Gold Coast

T: +61 7 5589 3001
E: gcsharedservices@scu.edu.au

Coffs Harbour

T: +61 2 6659 3777
E: chsharedservices@scu.edu.au
 studyit@scu.edu.au (Information Technology courses)

Postgraduate support


T: +61 7 5589 3001
E: studybusiness@scu.edu.au


T: +61 7 5589 3001
E: studypgbusiness@scu.edu.au

Doctor of Business Administration

T: +61 7 5589 3021
E: gradschool@scu.edu.au

Internship team

T: +61 2 6620 3154
E: wil@scu.edu.au

Higher degrees by research

Business | Information Technology | Tourism
E: hdr.sbat@scu.edu.au

Course coordinators

Bachelor of Business (including Honours)
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Accounting
Master of Professional Accounting
Dr Jacqui Christensen
T: +61 7 5589 3211
E: jacqui.christensen@scu.edu.au

Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (Online)
Dr Patrick Gillett
+61 7 5589 3064
E: pat.gillett@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Business and Enterprise
Mr David Noble
T: +61 7 5589 3209
E: david.noble@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management
Bachelor of Business in Hotel ManagementBachelor of Tourism Management (2021)
Dr Sharen Nisbet
T: +61 7 5589 3052
E: sharen.nisbet@scu.edu.au

Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management
Master of Human Resources and Organisational Development
Dr Matthew Lamont
T: +61 7 5589 3053
E: matthew.lamont@scu.edu.au

Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor of Digital Business
Ms Renae Agrey
E: renae.agrey@scu.edu.au

Master of Information Technology
Dr Carolyn Seton
T: +61 7 5589 3284
E: carolyn.seton@scu.edu.au 

Master of Information Technology Management (online)
Dr Vinh Bui
T: +61 7 5589 3059
E: vinh.bui@scu.edu.au

Master of Project Management (online)
Ms Chris Lawler 
E: chris.lawler@scu.edu.au

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