Business Impact

Southern Cross University's School of Business and Tourism, advances global business and social innovation by engaging with industry, government and the community. We establish effective, collaborative and mutually-beneficial relationships focused on results that produce sustainable outcomes. Business Impact offers a range of services and programs that deliver the skills, knowledge and networks required to foster innovation and learning that develops effective decision making in a complex and changing world.

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Executive education

Business Impact provides quality, customised business, tourism and information technology programs based on globally relevant, evidence based theory and practice that addresses the needs and issues of a range of industry sectors. Through experiential and project-based learning, our programs facilitate a culture of innovation and improvement within your organisation. Programs can be designed to suit the needs of any organisation in a variety of sectors.

Industry collaboration

We work collaboratively with industry, government and the community to solve real-world problems. We offer opportunities to connect with us through partnerships, consulting and research projects supporting your ability to manage opportunities and risks and improve your outcomes.

Advisory networks

The School of Business and Tourism Advisory Network is comprised of three individual boards, covering business, tourism and information technology contributing to the strategic direction of the business school. With a large network of industry practitioners, the school receives a wealth of insight and expertise that works to shape our business programs for the benefit of students and industry alike.

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Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

The School of Business and Tourism provides a suite of industry-relevant business management, tourism and information technology degrees, distinctive for their flexibility and internship opportunities. Work Integrated Learning refers to learning activities where practical experience complements theoretical knowledge. The School focuses on giving students a real-world experience to succeed in complex business environments. The Work Integrated Learning program is instrumental in a high graduate employability rate with 99 per cent of internship organisations expressing their willingness to offer graduates ongoing employment.


The School of Business and Tourism has strong industry links through our global community of more than 10,000 alumni. The University takes pride in the expertise and value that our alumni offer our students, staff and wider community. The School supports a number of programs to integrate the skills, knowledge and expertise of our alumni into the planning and delivery of education activities assisting current students to gain valuable and real-world expertise, including the Bright Futures Alumni Mentoring Program and Alumni Links Program.

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