"I am so grateful to have been nominated by the Uni. It's exciting and definitely not what I would’ve ever expected to achieve through my studies."

Kumi Taylor

Recipient of NSW Tourism Minister’s Student Achiever Award
Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management student

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Hire me because

I get social media

Hire me because

I turn data and numbers into useful information

Hire me because

I behave ethically

Hire me because

I understand markets and customers, plus I know how Gen Z-ers think

Hire me because

I've done it all during my degree!

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Industry internships

Get ahead of the pack with our highly successful internship program. Gain valuable hands-on skills and experience while you try out your career choices against the realities of the job.

Accreditation and professional recognition

Our endorsement by leading industry and professional bodies reflects the School’s commitment to business ethics, excellence and quality assurance.


Supporting your aspirations to study business, tourism and IT. Our scholarships range in value from $150 to $32,000 per annum.

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Get ready to accelerate your career prospects with our postgraduate business degrees in business, project management, accounting, tourism and hotel management, and information technology.

Gain the latest skills and knowledge while building on your own professional experience.

Postgraduate course options

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At the School of Business and Tourism, we’re ready to help you turn your burning interest into a new body of knowledge through research.

Like Panha Heng who designed an algorithm to identify fraud as part of his PhD investigating stock market manipulation. Read more about Dr Panha Heng.

The School offers five higher degrees by research:

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Student in graduation attire smiling with university chancellor at graduation

The future of tourism may be virtual

New doors are opening up for VR and augmented reality to reshape the tourism industry as restrictions ease.

Read more about the future of tourism

Advanced Standing

Don't study longer than you have to. Depending on the nature of your previous study or work experience, you may have your prior learning recognised, which could cut time off your degree. For further information about applying for Advanced Standing (or credit) view the relevant Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) course guide below:

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