Graduate story: Mick Humphreys

Mick Humphreys

Mick Humphreys
Vice President International Projects North Asia
Control Risks Group (Shanghai) Limited
Master of Business Administration

Based in Shanghai, Mick Humpheys leads the North Asian outbound investments arm of Control Risks, a risk consultancy that has 36 offices across the globe.

"We provide market entry and change assessment, risk governance and crisis management for Chinese and South Korean companies investing offshore. This allows them to make well-informed business decisions and to manage political, regulatory and security challenges," Mick said.

"We also provide due diligence on their business partners - is what they say about themselves true; are they as connected as they say; are they corrupt; will the relationship really enhance the business opportunity? And we help when things go wrong, providing advice to clients on how to protect employees, assets, information, supply chains and most importantly, the reputations of business leaders in a crisis."

Formerly an infantry officer with the Australian Army, Mick studied a Master of Business Administration at Southern Cross University to create new career opportunities.

"I knew I wouldn't stay in the army forever and I wanted to equip myself for a career in business, so the MBA was a great option. I needed skills such as financial planning, as well as an understanding of business law and marketing, which I hadn't picked up in the army."

In a company that helps others expand into unchartered territory, ironically, Mick is helping Control Risk do the same thing, leading its efforts to engage with North Asia's accelerating outbound investment movement.

"The MBA taught me the importance culture plays in transnational management and marketing. In China people won't do business with you until they get to know you. You need to build up trust. I picked up methodologies that will help me achieve that from very experienced lecturers and other students at SCU."