Internship success

Ryan Traise standing in front of a tree top challenge billboard
Ryan Traise

As senior park manager for TreeTop Challenge Currumbin, Ryan Traise was responsible for the daily operations, including ticketing responsibilities, liaising with tourism agents and Currumbin wildlife sanctuary, managing staff and delegating work, implementing a new staff rotation system, accommodating large numbers of school children as well as safety officer duties.

"The internship has provided me with a stepping stone into the Gold Coast tourism industry, from a managerial and operations perspective. I have developed my skills in tourism management and have been able to put into practise HR and operations management principals. This has enabled me to further develop my knowledge and experience in working in adventure, wildlife and sustainable tourism"

Ryan has extended his role beyond his internship and taken on further management responsibilities.

"I'm still the senior park manager at TreeTop Challenge Currumbin but have been given more responsibility and challenges as the business has expanded. I have recently recruited staff, implemented alternative HR and operational methods at other TreeTop Challenge parks and assessed customer feedback. As the business develops I would really like to be short listed for possible promotions and increase my involvement in operations and HR management."

Ryan Traise
Internship, TreeTop Challenge Currumbin
Currently studying Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management