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The School of Business and Tourism at Southern Cross University combines quality learning with great flexibility. Three teaching sessions enable students to fast‐track or spread their studies, with degrees in Business; Information Technology; and Tourism, available on‐campus and online.Leanne Reeves is National Account Manager, Agency Partnerships, Qantas Airways.

Leanne Reeves

I knew that I wanted to work in travel and tourism and I studied while I was working and I was able to put a lot of my learnings from the degree into my day‐to‐day work life.

Professor Elizabeth Roberts

All of our programs are preparing our students for the world of work; our graduates are going into an increasingly competitive environment, and obviously they need the skills to be able to compete effectively.


Cara Bartlett completed her Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting. Now she's a Business Services Accountant at Harris Black Chartered Accountants and Advisors.

Cara Bartlett

Any questions I wanted to ask, my lecturers were always there. You could contact them by email, phone - we had a discussion board so you could always post your questions.

Professor Elizabeth Roberts

A solid business degree will provide students with very transferable skills that they can take into any industry.


Southern Cross University's 2015 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year is a Bachelor of Business graduate.

Steve Layt

The key for me at least that the degree did was give me a great sense of confidence going into those early roles. I was the first in my family to graduate so many of my family said hey, it's just a piece of paper and you're not going to need it, and you're good enough without it and the reality is it really mattered, it gave me a great foundation in the early stages of my career and gave me the confidence I think to enter into bigger and more expanded roles and have a broader reach than I otherwise would have had.


The School's award winning work-integrated learning program enables students to gain valuable hands-on experience.

Sheena Hulm

When Jayde came on board with us in the capacity of an intern we didn't have any opportunity at present but things turned around and we ended up being an opportunity for her. And when she was considered for the position she could really demonstrate her experiences within a human resource department, quite a busy human resources department as well, and she's now doing a variety of roles.

Jayde Stofmeel

You're never bored, you never just sit there there's always something to do, always people to meet and learn from. We have about 35 different cultures working here at the hotel, so lots of different people to get to know and there's always something to do.


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