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Listen to Professor Betty Weiler talk about What is a Mentor?

Dr Pascal Scherrer discusses People in Nature: Planning Sustainable Experiences

Information Technology

Dr Raina Mason was invited to deliver a national keynote address at the Australasian Microbiology Educators Conference on 1 July 2017 in Tasmania. At this conference, Raina spoke about her research into the application of cognitive load theory into technical areas, and the CAFÉ toolkit. Dr Mason’s address generated a lot of interest, and led to invitations from leading institutions like Monash University to present her research.

Business and Management

Listen to Associate Professor Michael Kortt talk about "Learning about Big Data". 

Professor Yvonne Brunetto has been conducting Positive Emotional Development Training to Wesley Mission Queensland staff.  Professor Brunetto has been researching with a number of third sector providers in health and aged care. Using a construct known as psychological capital (PsyCap) the research is demonstrating great benefits for improving the effectiveness of health care managers which in turn has positive effects on employees and the ‘active ageing’ of clients. The effectiveness of health managers and employees and the long term health benefits of clients is paramount to the organisational success of health care organisations.

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