Education non-academic requirements

Hi I’m Professor Nan Bahr. I’m Dean of Education and Pro Vice Chancellor Students at Southern Cross University.

You may not realise it but you’ve been given a conditional offer. There is something more that you need to do and it’s the completion of something called the non-academic requirements.

It’s a short essay about a thousand words, where you get to explain why you’d like to be a teacher and what makes you think you might be good at it. What sort of experiences you have that have lead you to believe that you’d be a good teacher?

It’s not hard it won’t take you long, there’s plenty of advice online there’s a link you can follow that gives you examples and I look forward to you completing this process so that we complete our consideration of your application and get back to you and you can get started with us in your teaching career. I look forward to hearing from you!

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