Climate Change Disruption and its Impact on Australia's Children and Young People - Sustainability, Environment & Education (SEE) Research Cluster

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Presenter: Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie - Anthropocene + Climate Change + Young People = A Hopeful Education

This interactive presentation affords the opportunity to researchers, teachers, the public and young people themselves to engage in dialogue centred on youth led climate change education. Children and young people are often positioned as the next generation of leaders in whom the public trusts or expects to overcome the legacies of climate change inaction. Increasingly analyses of progress in environmental education independently identify the need for researchers, teachers and the public to 'listen to children's voices'. Climate change education presents a significant platform not only for youth voices, but also for a genuine activation of children's political agency in schools, universities, and the public domain. In this presentation, Cutter-Mackenzie draws upon the government-funded project Climate Change and Me in representing 135 children and young people from across Northern NSW Australia as co-researchers investigating young people's voices in climate change in the Anthropocene (Crutzen & Brauch, 2016). The audience will have opportunities to engage in discussion focussed on climate change education and the ways in which it can open up an entirely new field of educational experience and inquiry when it is inclusive of and led by young people.

Two children with golden masks holding a sign that says climate change and children

Date and time

From: 03:30 PM Tuesday, July 18, 2017 To: 05:30 PM Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Lismore: Y2.00

Coffs Harbour: A1.20

Gold Coast: B5.40

Online: via zoom (see Research dialogue 18 July 2017 for access details)