Video transcript: School of Education




Education degrees at Southern Cross University equip students to become inspirational teachers.

Professor Faye MaCallum

We have a motto in the School of Education that a good teacher is one who inspires sowe really make sure that we take that motto into the classroom to make sure our students have a really positive experience.


Time in the classroom is a key feature of all Southern Cross University education degrees.

Sue Hudson

With opportunities to practice in schools and early childhood centres pre-service teacherscan build the confidence and competence to become really effective in the classroom. What we want for teachers in the 21st century beyond is really effective teachers, quality teachers and that's what we focus on at Southern Cross University.

Joshua Stephens

So the theory side is important but the practical side that SCU give to their students is exceptional and I haven't seen any other university provide the standard that Southern Cross University provides.


Joshua Stevens graduated with a Bachelor of Education and would not swap careers for the world.

Joshua Stephens

Being a primary school teacher and being a male is one of the best jobs in the world. You get to go out and be with the students, you get to take sporting groups away, you get to go on camps, you get to connect with little human beings that are going to be our future and hopefully positive citizens in our community.

Sharley McGovern

You get to get really involved in the school community and that's when you get the best prac because you fully immerse yourself into so that means school discos you know putting your hand up for everything.


It's a highly rewarding profession, with SCU's combined degrees qualifying graduates to teach in a range of teaching settings, including, early childhood, primary and secondary schools.

Professor Faye McCallum

It can take you across the world, you can teach in many environments, many countries.


Postgraduate degrees provide opportunities to move from other disciplines into the teaching profession or for professional development. The school of Education is also leading research in areas including sustainability and environmental education and the well-being of children and young people.

Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

At the moment we have over 100 Phd, Masters by research and honours students.

David Rousell

The focus of my research is on re-imagining university learning environments that are responsive to social environmental change.


All our education courses are offered on campus and by distance education. For information visit our website