About Research in the School of Education

Southern Cross University’s School of Education is a research leader impacting cogent theory, policy advancement, public debate and practice.

Southern Cross University’s School of Education is respected as a world leader in educational research. We are recognised for the scholarship of our researchers and our contribution to addressing significant education problems that informs public policy, curriculum and pedagogy. We have a global reputation for excellence in collaborative and transdisciplinary educational research, which has been built on the strength of our local foundations and has significant global impact.

The School's substantive research concentrations are:

SEAE Research Cluster logo

The School of Education 'Sustainability, Environment and the Arts in Education' (SEAE) Research Cluster, led by Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles, was established in 2012.

The Cluster represents a large collective of researchers working across sustainability, environment and the Arts in education.

The uniqueness of the Cluster is exemplified through our creative anti-disciplinary research focus directly informing public debate, policy, advocacy and practice.

TeachLab logo

The School of Education ‘TeachLab’ Research Group, led by Professor David Lynch, was established in 2019. The Group represents a collaborative of researchers who engage in leading definitive educational research across the globe in the areas of school improvement, school leadership, social policy, educational technology, teacher professional development and initial teacher education.

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Associate Professor Alexandra Lasczik
Deputy Dean Research and HDR Training, School of Education
Phone:  +61 07 5589 3132
Email: lexi.lasczik@scu.edu.au 

Ms Jen Sheppeard
Administration Officer (Research), School of Education
Phone: +61 07 5589 3123
Email: educationresearch@scu.edu.au