Academic communities

The School of Education has four academic communities which is a broad organising structure for understanding teaching and research within the School. The communities are driven by the School's proven research strengths with the intent of building the School's teaching-research nexus. They are:

  • Sustainability, Creativity and Wellbeing (SCaW)
  • Childhood Studies (CS)
  • Curriculum, Literacy and Technologies (CLT)
  • Pedagogy, Education and Teachers (PET)

Sustainability, Creativity and Wellbeing

The sustainability, creativity and wellbeing academic community (ScaW) draws upon the lived experiences of its members and their interrelationship with research-driven practice. Through education, our vision is to promote sustainable patterns of living, inspire creativity and innovation and advance scholarship into the wellbeing of children and young people and their families and communities.


Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie
Associate Professor Jo-Anne Ferreira
Dr Lexi Cutcher
Dr Judith Wilks
Dr Marianne Logan
Dr Brad Shipway
Dr Ros Franklin
Mr Peter Cook
Dr Angela Turner

Children and Young People: Rights, Wellbeing, Education and Care (CYP)

Our academic community aims to improve policy and practice concerning the rights, wellbeing, education and care of children and young people. The status, interests, views, and experiences of children and young people are central to our work.


Professor Anne Graham
Dr Wendy Boyd
Mrs Tess Boyle
Mrs Jubilee Smith
Dr Sally Robinson
Dr Mary Ann Powell
Dr Catherine Simmons

Curriculum, Innovation and Technologies (CIT)

The School of Education's Curriculum, Innovation and Technologies (CIT) Academic Community is focused on developing effective and responsive theories and practices related to 21st century pedagogies. The diverse interests and backgrounds of our members provide a sound basis for long-term collaboration that enhances curriculum as well as innovation and technologies. Our interests range across mathematics, science, engineering and technologies (STEM) as well as literacy, and are underpinned by a commitment to diversity and social inclusion.


Dr Anne Bellert
Dr Geoff Woolcott
Dr Robert Smith
Dr Christos Markopoulos
Mr Alan Foster
Mr Dave Ellis
Dr Lisa Jacka
Dr Leanne Cameron

Pedagogy, Education and Teachers (PET)

The PET academic community actively encourages research, teaching and collaboration around the areas of: pedagogy and teaching, including school reform initiatives; all levels and types of education, from birth to postgraduate, teacher education and educational leadership; and teachers, including teacher identity, teacher advocacy and professional development.


Dr Sue Hudson
Professor David Lynch
Dr Cathy Lembke
A/Professor Marilyn Chaseling 
Dr Tony Yeigh
Dr Jenny Johnston
Professor Martin Hayden
Dr Raoul Adam