Book Cover Research Handbook
Research Handbook on Childhoodnature, Assemblages of Childhood and Nature Research
Editors: Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles, Amy, Malone, Karen, Barratt Hacking, Elisabeth (Eds.)
Publisher: Springer
Book Cover Touchstones for deterritorializing socioecological learning
Touchstones for Deterritorializing Socioecological Learning, The Anthropocene, Posthumanism and Common Worlds as Creative Milieux
Editors: Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles, A., Lasczik, A., Wilks, J., Logan, M., Turner, A., Boyd, W. (Eds.)
Publisher: Palgrave
Book Cover Research Ed
Arts-Research-Education, Connections and Directions
Editors: Knight, Linda, Lasczik, Alexandra (Eds.)
Publisher: Springer
Book Cover The flaneur and education research
The Flâneur and Education Research, A Metaphor for Knowing, Being Ethical and New Data Production
Editors: Lasczik Cutcher, Alexandra, Irwin, Rita L. (Eds.)
Publisher: Palgrave
Book cover of Using virtual worlds in educational settings
Using Virtual Worlds in Educational Settings

Author: Lisa Jacka
Publisher: Routledge
Understanding Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia
Practices and perspectives
Edited by Joanne Ailwood, Wendy Boyd and Maryanne Theobald
Publisher: Allen&Unwin
Displacement, Identity and Belonging
Displacement, Identity and Belonging

Author: Alexandra J. Cutcher
Publisher: SensePublishers
Sustainable Learning
Sustainable Learning: Inclusive Practices for 21st Century Classrooms

Authors: Bellert, A., Berman, J., Graham, L.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Book cover: Managing with Mindfulness - Tony Yeigh
Managing with Mindfulness

Author: Tony Yeigh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Book cover: Food Education Angela-Turner
Food Education and Food Technology in School Curricula

Editors: Marion Rutland, Angela Turner
Publisher: Springer