Creativity, Arts & Education (CreArE) Research Group

About us

This research group is primarily concerned with the Arts and education (as pedagogy and curriculum), and the Arts and educational and social research (as methodology and practice).

The cluster's acronym CreArE (Creativity, Arts & Education) derives from the Latin "to create". The group is composed largely of Southern Cross University academics, staff, external staff and higher degree research students. Building from this concept, our vision encompasses research through the many lenses of the Arts as well as research in and about Arts education. Teaching-as-artwork and research-as-artwork are two key perspectives of this approach.

Our team

CreArE research leader

Dr Lexi Cutcher, School of Education

Lexi is currently the Editor of Australian Art Education Journal and World Councillor for the International Society of Education through Art [InSEA] SEAPAC Region.


Associate Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie, School of Education
Dr Suzanne Hudson, School of Education
Dr Judith Wilks, School of Education
Dr Wendy Boyd, School of Education
Peter Cook, School of Education
Tahlia McGahey, Student Services
Dr Janie Conway-Herron, School of Arts & Social Sciences [Adjunct]
David Rousell, School of Education


Professor Robyn Ewing AM, University of Sydney
Professor Rita Irwin, University of British Columbia 
Associate Professor Emerita Kit Grauer, University of British Columbia
Dr Mic Eales, Independent Scholar
Dr Anne Harris, Monash University
Associate Professor Margaret Baguley, University of Southern Queensland
Dr Kathryn Grushka, University of Newcastle 
Dr Linda Knight, Queensland University of Technology 
Dr Kim Snepvangers, University of New South Wales 
David Modler, Shepherd University, West Virginia [USA]
Dr Geraldine Burke, Monash University 

Higher degree researchers

CandidateDegreeThesis TitleSupervisors
David Rousell PhD States and Territories: Re-imagining the sustainability of academic learning environments for the Anthropocene era [confirmed]

Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

Co-Supervisor: Dr Lexi Cutcher

Marion Piper PhD

The Missed Encounter: Negotiating adolescence through Arts-based practices


Principal Supervisor: Dr Lexi Cutcher

Co-Supervisors: Dr Janie-Conway-Herron [Adjunct]; Associate Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

Peter Cook PhD Teaching the X Factor: 'How do we adequately prepare Performing Arts teachers for their role beyond that of teaching the curriculum

Principal Supervisor: Dr Lexi Cutcher

Co-Supervisor: Associate Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

Ami Peluchetti Honours Muscia, techno, biophilia

Principal Supervisor: Dr Barry Hill

Co-Supervisor: David Rousell

Completed research degrees

Mic Eales, 2014, Different Voice, Different Perspective: A Visual Arts Enquiry into Understanding Suicide through Original Voice Narratives, PhD exhibition and exegesis, Southern Cross University.
Supervisors: Dr Janie Conway-Herron (Principal Supervisor); Dr Lexi Cutcher (Co-Supervisor)

Mic Eales' Artisbook

Research projects

2014 - Ongoing - We are not ourselves. This project examines how walking and mapping can be used to unravel the harmonics of collaboration in educational research. See for further details. David Rousell, Dr Lexi Cutcher & A/Prof Cutter-Mackenzie

2014 - Ongoing - Visual Echoes Project. This project explores collaborative, visual reflective practice of pre-service Visual Arts secondary teachers regarding the first practicum. Dr Lexi Cutcher & David Rousell.

2013 - Ongoing - The collaborative visual journal as a site for developing artist/ researcher/ teacher identities. This is a collaborative visual journal and painting project between pre-service Visual Arts secondary teachers at both Shepherd University [USA] and SCU. Dr Lexi Cutcher & David Modler.

2013 - The Genius in Every Child: Investigating Artistic Authority in the Preschool Years. This project explored collaborative intergenerational artmaking. Funded by a School of Education Small Grant. Dr Lexi Cutcher & Dr Wendy Boyd.

Visiting scholars

  • Dr Anne Harris, Monash University, Melbourne, February 2015
  • Professor Emerita, Kit Grauer, University of British Columbia, Canada, July 2014

News and recent success

In late 2014, Dr Lexi Cutcher was awarded an Office for Learning and Teaching [OLT] Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student learning. Specifically, the citation was, "For inspirational teaching and innovative curriculum that effectively prepares visual arts educators to address the complex demands of their profession" at Southern Cross University.

In April, 2015, Dr Lexi Cutcher was a visiting scholar at Shepherd University, West Virginia [USA].

Upcoming events

Walking the Meshwalk: An interactive symposium on walking as research, education and artistic practice.
Presented by the Sustainability, Environment and Education (SEE) research cluster.
Location: Manning Clark Room, Lismore Learning Centre, Southern Cross University
When: Thursday 18 February, 10:00am - 5:00pm

2015 Events

  • 26 - 28 March - National Art Education Association National Convention, New Orleans
  • 15 - 20 April - American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Chicago
  • 20 & 21 August - The Art of Critical Auto Ethnography Conference, Monash University Melbourne
  • 29 November - 3 December - Australian Association for Research in Education, Perth

Recent publications

Barton, G. & Baguley, M. (2014). Learning through story: A collaborative, multimodal

arts approach. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 13(2), 93 - 112.
Boyd, W. & Cutcher, A. (2015). Learning from early childhood theory, philosophy and pedagogy: Inspiring effective Art education.  Australian Journal of Early Childhood.
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Cutcher, A. (2015). Displacement, Identity and Belonging: An arts-based, auto/biographical portrayal of ethnicity and experience. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
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Wilks, J., Cutcher, A. & Wilks, S. (2012). Digital Technology in the Visual Arts Classroom, an [un]Easy Partnership.  Studies in Art Education, 54 (1) Fall, 54-65.

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