It's Part of My Life


It's Part of My Life


It's part of my life: Engaging university and community to enhance science and mathematics education, is a project conducted across the six partner universities of the Regional Universities Network (RUN). This project address two critical issues in mathematics and science education in Australia: the lack of confidence of teachers of mathematics and science, particularly in primary (elementary) school; and, the related lack of student interest in mathematics and science, particularly in the middle years of high school. Both of these issues are addressed in the


It is increasingly apparent from studies related to sustainable development of industrialised economies that there are fewer and fewer people with a mathematics and science background sufficient to support the industries on which those economies depend.

Reports from the Australian Government Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) provide evidence that Australia, like USA and other industrialised nations, has stagnated in producing the mathematics and science teachers and students on which our economy depends and that, additionally, standards and interest in mathematics and science are declining.

As part of a program to effect a turn around of this situation, five collaborative projects were funded in 2013 as part of an Australian government initiative (ETMST) , through the office for learning and teaching (OLT). These projects are linked to other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects as part of the Australian Maths and Science Partnership Program: AMSPP. Southern Cross University is a partner in two of these projects, 'RUN Maths and Science Digital Classroom' (ADFI) and the STEMCrAfT Project; and the lead institution in another, iSME.

The five ETMST projects are:


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