About the project

Aim of the project

It's part of my life aims to drive improvements to university education curriculum by connecting pre-service teachers with university-based science and mathematics researchers and education specialists and, as well, with the mathematics and science that is part of the daily life of Australian regional communities.

The project utilizes the development of a collaboration nexus that links pre-service teachers with university mathematics and science researchers working at or above world standard (ERA 4 or 5), as well as with university education specialists from teacher education courses. The nexus is structured to provide the pre-service teachers with access to high quality mathematics and science knowledge and related pedagogical knowledge as part of a collaborative effort to improve their teaching confidence and competence.

Focus of the project

A major focus of this project includes the development of processes that link, for pre-service teachers, the scientific and mathematical thinking of university researchers and educators with the thinking that people use to solve problems in their daily lives.

Additionally, the project provides opportunities for the educators to work with the pre-service teachers to break this knowledge down into approachable and familiar scenarios that can be used for student-centered approaches that have high levels of classroom engagement. Part of this focus is in introducing pre-service teachers to ideas related to transferable teaching skills, so that pedagogy is not dependent on content knowledge. Pre-service teachers also receive support in developing skills in fostering a supportive classroom environment, as well as in overcoming any anxiety they may have in teaching mathematics and science.

Video - The Trial Cycle: Enhancement Module, Teaching Lesson, Feedback / Reflection Module
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