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We welcome queries from schools, community groups, government departments, industry and other partners who are seeking expertise in education research.

We have extensive experience working with a range of partners and tailoring packages to meet their needs and financial limitations.

These case studies demonstrate our previous success in collaborating with external partners to deliver their desired outcomes. 

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Australian Educational Research Funding Trends Report

Download the Australian Educational Research Funding Trends Report 
"A National Stocktake and Review of Category 1 Funding in Education"

AJIS Blended Learning Project

The complete picture of a whole-of-school blended learning initiative is complex and difficult to capture, requiring as it does extensive and clearly coherent data and other information to monitor and evaluate. This mid-term report has been developed to provide instructive guidance to the Aoba International school leaders and teachers concerning progress-to-date on the embedded Blended Learning (eBL) Project, and recommendations for moving the Project forward. Download the AJIS Blended Learning Report