Sustainability Pledge

Join SCU staff and students to create a more ecologically sustainable future, both in our own lives, and as a university community:

Create your own pledge to reduce your impact on the Earth’s ecological systems or see our example of measures you can pledge to take.

Download our example pledge: SEAE Sustainability Pledge

Human activity has impacted the Earth to such an extent that we have moved from the pre-industrial epoch of the Holocene to a new epoch, the Anthropocene (Steffen et al., 2016). The Anthropocene term has been coined by scientists to demonstrate the domination of humans (Zalasiewicz, Williams, Steffen & Crutzen, 2010).

If human societies continue with the predominant activities and lifestyles we are heading for a much warmer Earth with radically different weather patterns and far fewer species. Therefore, it is our individual actions and those of a “global society” that will determine the future of the Earth (Steffen et al., 2016, p.340).