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DVC Education Research Keynote Series

  • Revolutionising teacher professional development 
  • Speaker: Laureate Professor Jen Gore (UoN)
  • Title: Revolutionising teacher professional development 
  • Date: Tuesday, 24 September 2019
  • Time: 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm (AEST)
  • Venue: SCU Gold Coast B5.40; via video conference Lis R1.06 and CH A1.20
  • Videoconference link:
  • RSVP here

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  • Lead Researcher: Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie
  • Scheme: Education Horizon Grants Scheme 2019, QLD Government Department of Education
  • Project Title:  Mapping scientific concepts through nature play in early childhood education: Achieving excellence in STEM through evidence-based pedagogies

Project Summary: This project aims to determine how young children's (4-5 years) learning of scientific concepts can be supported through nature play. The increase of children attending kindergarten/preschool continues to rise markedly with 339,243 Australian children enrolled. Coupled with this increase is the rapid surge of nature play pedagogies in kindergartens. However, the effectiveness of nature play is untested, making this the first study in the world to explicitly research nature play in early childhood education. This is significant because nature play is a core feature and tradition of early childhood education practice and pedagogy.

This project will forge new knowledge about nature play pedagogies and how they can support children’s scientific learning in early childhood education. Such research supports both the Queensland Department of Education STEM Strategy (2016) and the National STEM Education Strategy (2016-2026) where “it recognises the importance of a focus on STEM in the early years” (p.5)

Amount: $88,725