Teacher Education Research Group (TERG)

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The School of Education's Teacher Education Research Group (TERG) is led by Professor David Lynch. The Group is making substantial progress in research across and within the areas of undergraduate and in-service teacher education models and practices. TERG is comprised of Southern Cross University staff and academics, external academics and higher degree research students. While the Group is engaged in research, policy and practice in the broader fields of teacher education, the group is particularly focused on mechanisms and models to engage teachers in ongoing evidence-based teacher education regimes.

Our team

TERG Research Leader
Professor David Lynch

Professor Ian Menter, Oxford University
Professorial Fellow Ms Dianne Marshall, NSW Department of Education
Professor Bruce Knight, Central Queensland University
Professor Bruce Waldripp, University of Tasmania
Dr Greg Smith, Charles Darwin University


Higher degree researchers

Ken Sell PhD An exploration of the relationship between school leadership and teachers in cultivating optimal work conditions in a climate of accountability. Professor David Lynch
Dr Jenny Johnston
Daniel Hammond MEd (Research) Do teachers' use of student reflective practices have an impact on their teaching? Professor David Lynch
Dr Jenny Johnston
Stephanie George MEd (Research) Informed by evidence or driven by data: An investigation into a whole-of-school benchmarking in a writing task in a primary school. Professor David Lynch
Dr Jenny Johnston
Michelle Scott MEd (Research) Teacher performance feedback: The self-reported impact of collaborative observation and reflective questioning in changing teacher attitude to professional feedback for high impact instruction. Professor David Lynch
Dr Jenny Johnston

Current research projects

Project titleProject typeFunding bodyValuePeriodFunding arrangement
Teachers as researchers Implementation and evaluation of 5 year project based on coaching, mentoring and feedback in a context of evidence based practices. Catholic Education Office: Lismore $102, 000 2012 to 2015 Contract

Recent publications

Woolcott, G., Harris, A., Reid, J., & Whannell, R. (2014). Enhancing mathematics and science teacher education in regional Australia: Modules for primary mathematics pre-service teachers. Proceedings of the 37th annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, Sydney, 29 June to 5 July, 2014.

Lynch, D. and Madden, J. (2014) Enabling Teachers to Better Teach Through Engaging with Research. International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education. (In publication process)

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Lynch, D. and Smith, R. (2013). Is It Teaching or Just Another Broadcast Channel that Students are Trying to Tune into?International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change. Vol.1, Issue. 2, November.

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