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David Lynch

Professor David Lynch

TeachLab Research Leader

Professor David Lynch
David Lynch is Professor of Education in the School of Education and is located at the Gold Coast campus. He is the author of numerous books and articles on teacher education and teaching improvement: specializing in Whole of School Teaching Improvement. David’s background is in primary education having been a teacher and senior state school principal in early professional life.

His academic career includes positions as professor of education, head of campus, sub-dean, and head of the school of education at a number of universities. He was awarded Southern Cross University’s Education Researcher of the Year in 2017. Two of David's key books include "Creating the Outstanding School" (2015) and "Preparation Teachers in Times of Change" (2012).

David’s research/ project income is circa $3M.

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Tony Yeigh

Dr Tony Yeigh

TeachLab Deputy Research Leader

Dr Tony Yeigh

Dr Yeigh is a research associate with the Centre for Children and Young People (SCU), member of the Association for Mindfulness in Education (AME) and Teacher Education Research Group (SCU). He also led the Learning Sciences Research Group (LSRG), which focuses on the cognitive-psychological, social psychological and cultural-psychological foundations of human learning, as well as on the teaching/learning nexus and the design of positive learning environments. Research involving Dr Yeigh currently includes ‘It's part of my life: Engaging university and community to enhance science and mathematics education’, a school improvement project in WA, a blended learning project in Japan and a project seeking to identify risk factors in first year university education. Dr Yeigh also reviews for several education research journals, including the journals Instructional Science and the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education.

Dr Tony Yeigh has been appointed Deputy Research Leader of Teach Lab. Aside from supporting the Research Leader, Tony will have oversight of generating Cat1 and 2 research proposals as well as leading professional learning activities for Teach Lab members.  In the start-up phase of Teach Lab Tony will have a particular focus on creating a research environment conducive to high quality sustainable research outputs.

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Lewes Peddell

Dr Lewes Peddell

TeachLab Leader, Strategic Partnerships

Dr Lewes Peddell

Dr Lewes Peddell is Lecturer in the School of Education, with a focus on Mathematics Education. Prior to coming to SCU in 2018, he was Director of Research, Learning and Enterprise at Canterbury College (QLD) where he also served as Director of Arts Academy, Acting Director of Curriculum and taught Music and Mathematics. Before these positions, Dr Peddell resided in the USA from 1999-2007. During this time he studied with Craig Kirchhoff (now Emeritus Professor) at the University of Minnesota completing his Master in Music (Wind Conducting) and PhD with foci on Music Education and Conducting. From 2002-2007, Dr Peddell was Director of Bands and Orchestra at the Sunderman Conservatorium of Music, Gettysburg College where he was an Assistant Professor delivering courses in the Bachelor of Music Education degree program. The first 10-years of his teaching career were at a large co-educational independent school where from 1992 served as Director of Music.

Lewes Peddell has been appointed Leader, Teach Lab Strategic Partnerships. A key component of our 20/21 TL Strategic Plan  is the development of strategic relationships  with schools, education organisations and systems so that research projects can be established. The goal of this strategy is to first promote TeachLab as an opportunity for such organisations and to then secure increasing Cat 3 research funds. Lewes  will lead and coordinate this activity and has a target of $1m per year.

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Marilyn Chaseling

Associate Professor Marilyn Chaseling

TeachLab Leader, Local Research Partnerships

Associate Professor Marilyn Chaseling

Marilyn's research interests are in public education in Australia, but particularly in New South Wales. She is also interested in music education and the ways in which both curriculum and pedagogy have been approached over time in order to engage, stimulate and develop the potential of children and young people.

Her doctoral thesis, titled /Teaching Music in New South Wales Primary Schools: 1920—1956, /pointed to a number of key historical issues that usefully inform contemporary classroom practice, namely the contribution of music to the development of children as 'good citizens'; the importance of strong leadership for music in schools by employing conscientious, inspirational music educators who can champion and develop a love of music in both children and teachers; the important role of pre-service teacher education and professional development in improving the confidence, disciplinary knowledge and skills of generalist teachers in and for music education; a music syllabus that recognises the creative potential of children and young people; and teachers who are able to convey to their students an evident and shared respect for music.

Marilyn has strong links with the teaching profession and understands the nexus between school and university. For example, she is currently leading a team of Southern Cross University academics in the North Coast Initiative for School Improvement which, in 2016, was awarded the University’s Excellence in Engagement, Community Impact Award. Marilyn has co-led, for the sixth time, a study tour of NSW Department of Education Directors, principals, and teachers to Alberta, Canada schools.

Marilyn Chaseling has been appointed Leader, Teach Lab Local Research Partnerships. This role will work closely with the Leader of TeachLab Strategic Partnerships to actively forge and promote TeachLab research opportunities in local schools and other parts of the Education Community associated with SCU.

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Professor Bill Boyd

Professor Bill Boyd

TeachLab Leader: Publication Outputs

Professor William (Bill) Boyd

Professor Bill Boyd is the Professor of Geography at Southern Cross University and the Deputy Chair of the University’s Human Research Ethics Committee. Professor Boyd is a multi- and trans-disciplinary scholar – a geographer, archaeologist, landscape scientist and educationalist, with scholarly interests in long-term environmental change, human-landscape interactions, environmental and cultural heritage management, and education. As an educationalist, Professor Boyd uses reflective methods to examine pedagogy, curriculum and teaching & learning practice. Professor Boyd's research uses an action learning approach of early- and mid career mentoring (often with a focus on change-of-career or second-career academics) and educational leadership, with a focus on the scholarship of teaching & learning, trans-disciplinary team-based research, and student learning processes. Professor Boyd is especially interested in educational futures, and has published widely in the scholarly literature in all fields of interest (over 240 refereed articles and book chapters). Additionally, Professor Boyd is a Visiting Professor at the School of Education, University of Glasgow.

Bill Boyd has been appointed TeachLab Leader, Publications Outputs. This role will work closely with all members of TeachLab to develop and maintain a strategy to support journal and book publications output across TeachLab, facilitate coaching and mentoring arrangements focused on journal and book writing with and between TeachLab members, monitor TeachLab publication outputs and advising members on publication considerations and forge and sustain exciting publication partnerships with stakeholders, other Universities and interested parties.

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