Graduate story: Tristan Sloan

Tristan Sloan

Tristan Sloan
Executive Officer
Amateur Fishermen's Association of the Northern Territory
Bachelor of Applied Science (major in fisheries and aquaculture management)
Now Bachelor of Environmental Science

Recreational fishing is worth more than $100 million to the Northern Territory (NT) economy (second only to mining).

With 5000 members and a base of 40000 recreational fishers, Tristan Sloan's job as head of the Amateur Fishermen's Association NT takes him from a boat on the Adelaide River discussing crocodile prevention strategies with rangers; to lobbying politicians in the corridors of Parliament House in Darwin; to sitting down with traditional owners discussing permit systems and recreational fishing access on Indigenous land.

"Fishing is the prime recreational activity up here, it's a lifestyle, so as a group the recreational fisher's vote is very strong and heavily influences the politics of NT. I get to see a vast amount of the Territory that most people never set eyes on. I never imagined I'd be working for a political lobby group. In many ways it's a dream job but the scope of activities is enormous. I deal with a broad range of issues that have an impact on the environment, tourism and fishing. I provide consultation to oil and gas interests proposing seismic exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas on the seabed, through to providing recreational fishing advice and input on international tourism marketing campaigns.