Undergraduate courses

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Diploma of Civil Construction Engineering (Engineering Management)

Associate Degree of Construction Engineering (Engineering Management)

The Diploma of Civil Construction Engineering (Engineering Management) and the Associate Degree of Construction Engineering (Engineering Management) are suited to school leavers or those with a trade qualification who are looking to enter the industry or progress their careers to a supervisory or management level. The Associate Degree also provides a pathway to further study in civil engineering at a Bachelor degree level, while the Diploma provides a pathway to either the Associate Degree or Bachelor degree in civil engineering.

Undergraduate degrees

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering

  • Optional major: Environmental Engineering

The Civil Engineering degree offers a strong grounding in structural, water/wastewater, geotechnical, transportation and construction engineering disciplines. 

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering 

  • Whether you are interested in product design, robotics, energy planning, pollution control or acoustics, a Mechanical Engineering degree will put you at the forefront of new technologies.

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Coastal Systems Engineering


  • Coastal Geochemistry
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Infrastructure Design and Management.

There is also a 'No Major' option, with a wide range of electives.

With strong population growth and significant changes in hydrology predicted for the coastal margin of Australia, there is an increasing demand for civil and environmental engineers with expertise in managing coastal and floodplain hydrology.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Coastal Systems Engineering is one of just a few specialist undergraduate professional engineering degrees in Australia to train industry-ready graduates for work in water engineering, coastal engineering and catchment management. The course addresses an increasing need for engineering expertise in these fields that is currently only available through on-the-job training and/or postgraduate qualifications.

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Bachelor of Science with a major in Engineering

The Bachelor of Science provides a thorough grounding in science with the opportunity to specialise in engineering through a major. The Engineering major in the Bachelor of Science ensures students have a sound base of environmental engineering knowledge coupled with principles of physical and biological sciences.

Students complete an internship or an integrated project as part of their studies.

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Our engineering programs are developed to be academically rigorous and industry-relevant. The civil and mechanical engineering degrees hold provisional accreditation with Engineers Australia.

Students are encouraged to join Engineers Australia as Student Members at no cost and can enjoy the rich variety of material and experiences on offer.

Teaching is delivered in the new science and engineering precinct at the Lismore campus, providing students with world-class equipped with state-of-the-art research and teaching equipment.

Students are required to gain essential industry experience throughout their engineering degree to prepare for employment after graduation.  Practical hands-on experience is also enhanced by field trips within the region and laboratory experiments.

Laboratory Work in Concrete  First Year Students

Postgraduate degrees

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

The MEM is offered online. This course prepares students for a managerial position through strategic asset management planning, commercial research and development processes, economic viability, new product development and commercialisation.

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Master of Engineering Management, Master of Business Administration (MEM, MBA)

The MEM, MBA is a combined degree offered at the Gold Coast campus. This course is for students who have an undergraduate degree in engineering and who want to develop both their management and engineering skills.

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