Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory

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Detail of microscopic images taken with SEM instruments


The SEM Research Laboratory is part of the School of Environment, Science & Engineering. It houses two scanning electron microscopes, along with with equipment used in sample preparation for the SEM's, an ultra-microtome, research stereo and compound light microscopes with fluorescence attachment, and a petrographic microscope.  All microscopes have digital cameras attached for imaging.

The facility provides services to honours and postgraduate students, post-doctoral research staff, research fellows, general staff, and commercial research projects and consultancies. Some undergraduate work may be done on the systems from time to time.

Both electron microscopes are used for investigation of biological and non-biological materials. Both systems are equipped with SE and  BSE detectors,  X-Ray Analysis capabilities and element distribution mapping. The EVOLS-15 is also is fitted with VP and EP detectors and a coldstage. Automated Imaging using Zeiss Smart SEM AII (Austomated Intelligent Imaging) is available on the EVOLS-15.  (see equipment for further detailed information on all systems).


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