Forest Science

The four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Forest Science and Management was designed in consultation with a range of forestry stakeholders to meet a shortage of degree-qualified foresters. It is the only one of its kind in Australia, focusing on sustainable subtropical forestry.

With an emphasis on field work and trips to native and planted forest types, the course includes studies in commercial wood production and sustainable resource management in subtropical and tropical regions.

The School also offers honours and postgraduate course options in forest science and management.

An introduction to studying Forest Science & Management at Southern Cross University.

My name is Dolan Nichols and I'm the course coordinator for forest science and management programs at Southern Cross University located in Lismore.

People who study forestry can go in a couple different directions. those is to become a manager of forests. There are a lot of variety of jobs, they do not all involve timber production.

Some of them involve conservation of biodiversity those sorts of things, fire management - which is very important in Australia of course. The other possible direction that people can go in is research and become research scientists. There are many topics of interest in forest science in Australia and in other countries. So we at the moment offer the only actual four-year forestry degree in Australia that actually produces something we would call foresters. It's certified by our professional institution called the Institute of Foresters of Australia. So that's a pretty good job to get as a qualified forester. There's an actual shortage in Australia right now of people with this qualification.

One of our big drawing points I think is we're able to do field trips and lab work in forests. We have a very strong international component to our program. About half the students are international students and sometimes people become interested in working overseas and develop a career in what we would call International forestry or developing country.

The forestry program at Southern Cross University offers both week-to-week lectures and opportunities for independent studies and a very healthy mix of field trips offers hands-on learning. The Southern Cross University campus in Lismore is situated on the beautiful north coast where there is lush rainforest, coastal heathlands, floodplains and large Eucalypt forests which all become our classroom.

I'm Thuy I come from Vietnam. I'm studying a Master of Forestry Science and Management at Southern Cross University. Here is the good environment education for forestry area. I got a lot of the very good support from international office and in addition I have a good opportunity to make new friends from many countries like Indonesia, Latvia Australia and actually that is the good environment to improve English.

Bachelor of Forest Science Management