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As pressure mounts on the world's natural resources and global biodiversity continues to decline, we need people who can develop solutions to critical environmental problems. Southern Cross University's School of Environment, Science and Engineering is preparing students to take up that challenge.

Professor Jerry Vanclay

Throughout our environmental program we try and equip our students for the broadest possible destinations so they know the science and they know community engagement and they are workplace ready.


The School's unique locations, close to marine parks, national parks, forests, beaches and rivers provide the perfect setting for hands on learning.

Katie Clover

Here I have come in and pretty much all my courses have a practical component so there's a lot of hands-on work that I wouldn't normally get, like actually handling the mammals. Today we were encouraged to go in and grab this rat or this mouse, where as previously, there would be an instructor who really just shows you how to do it, but here at SCU they really want you to get hands on and get into the field and learn yourself, so it's been really great.


Undergraduate degrees in environmental, marine and forest science, are available on-campus and online with intensive workshops.

Students rub shoulders with world-leading researchers. Third-year marine science students study at the National Marine Science Centre in Coffs Harbour, working alongside masters and PhD students.

Mandy Beasley

One of the biggest highlights of my degree would probably be the mixture of both field and lab work. The facilities at Southern Cross University are really great, especially here at the National Marine Science Centre where we have salt water on tap and really great aquaculture facilities.


An environmental major is a feature of the engineering degrees on offer at SCU. Civil and mechanical engineering are taught in state-of-the-art facilities at the Lismore campus, with strong industry ties a feature of our degrees.

Professor Scott Smith

We have a lot of industry representatives coming in to give guest lectures, we have a lot of site tours, a lot of involvement from local councils, local consultancies, contractors and also manufacturers so our degrees are certainly very industry relevant.

Arthur Hyde

At SCU you know the teachers by name and you can just walk up after and before a lecture and have a talk to them, ask them questions and it's really helpful.


Degrees on offer also include science and regional and urban planning.

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