Coastal Agricultural Landscapes Centre (CALC)

Richmond River 250x250Coastal catchment landscapes around the globe are highly valued for agriculture, forestry, fisheries, urban development and environmental protection. There are significant interactions between management of agricultural land, the quality of water in streams and rivers, estuary health, and conservation issues that concern landholders, rural industries and community groups. The centre aims to increase understanding of these complex issues by bringing together the complementary expertise of NSW Department of Primary Industries and Southern Cross University.

The centre aims to provide:

  • a structure to link the complementary R&D resources and capabilities of NSW Department of Primary Industries and Southern Cross University to establish strategic approaches to problems affecting coastal agriculture and communities.
  • coordination and integration of basic and applied research; extension and commercialisation; education and training; and policy development.
  • students with a wider range of project and research training options.

More Information

Professor Bill Boyd
t: (+61) 0439 454893