About the School of Health and Human Sciences

Professor Iain Graham, Dean of Health, Head of School

Professor Iain Graham
Dean of Health, Head of School

It's my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Health and Human Sciences.

Our goal is to improve health over the lifespan through provision of quality education and regional engagement working closely with the health community.

It's a time of tremendous change, not just with regard to higher education, but also with regard to the healthcare industry. All governments are beginning to think and change how they provide healthcare to the populations in which they serve. Their desire is to keep us healthier, rather than wait for us to become sick and need services. In the near future, hospitals will become different in their orientation and the types of activity that they pursue. Super clinics are being developed to provide primary and community care, offering much more interdisciplinary and holistic care to target chronic disease, ageing, and youth and children's issues and Indigenous health in terms of healthcare provision. There is a focus on encouraging healthier lifestyles. This has huge implications for the education and training of health professionals.

Every country in the world is facing this challenge in how it provides its healthcare and during your time at Southern Cross University you will become aware of this and participate in how things are reshaped and developed.

There are several undergraduate degrees offered through the School across a diverse range of disciplines, including nursing, osteopathy, occupational therapy, exercise science, clinical exercise physiology, podiatry, psychology, speech pathology and midwifery. We offer a generic degree which includes studies in nutrition and pedorthics. The School also offers postgraduate degrees as well as continuing professional education programs. The aim of the School is to design opportunities for qualified practitioners to gain CPD points and higher qualifications in their interest area.

Most of our courses require work based learning, so you will get out and meet real people with real issues that you will be part of a team to help resolve.

Getting your degree is a journey, it's not a destination. We're here to help you. It's a partnership between us.

Professor Iain Graham
FCN, Phd, RN
Dean of Health
Head of School
School of Health and Human Sciences