About the School of Health and Human Sciences

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It's my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Health and Human Sciences.

Our goals are to be a major contributor to the region's healthcare workforce and carry out world-leading research to tackle some of the biggest health challenges facing society. We want to be part of solutions that help improve health across the lifespan, through provision of quality education and regional engagement working closely with the health community.

In these unprecedented times the focus on health and healthcare care provision has never been greater. Higher education has a significant role to play in developing the healthcare workforce of the future. Healthcare and the way we provide it is evolving. Governments are beginning to think differently about how healthcare is provided and by whom, there is a focus on how we stay healthy which requires new approaches and a different kind of healthcare professional. A focus on community and primary care is developing which requires flexible interdisciplinary working to address people’s needs in a broader and more holistic sense. Increasingly people are living with multiple morbidities and long term health conditions, including mental health problems and there are needs of particular communities that require us to develop different ways of working. The digital revolution has also influenced how we can deliver care and all these factors will in turn change how hospitals of the future service their populations. This of course influences the way we develop the healthcare workforce of the future and the education we provide.

Southern Cross University and the School of Health and Human Sciences aim to be at the forefront of providing education that prepares high calibre graduates to be part of a contemporary health service. Our students will be aware of the challenges and be equipped to respond to them as well as becoming leaders of future change. 

Great facilities, expert staff and close links with health and care providers enable our students to develop the knowledge and skills to pursue a wide range of professions. The School offers undergraduate degrees across a diverse range of disciplines, including nursing, osteopathy, occupational therapy, exercise science, clinical exercise physiology, podiatry, pedorthics, psychology, speech pathology, biomedical science  and midwifery.

You will be taught by inspiring lecturers who are at the forefront of driving improvements in healthcare and the wellbeing of society through relevant research ensuring that our courses are at the cutting edge of knowledge. In addition most of our courses require work-based learning, so you will get out and meet real people with real issues and be part a team to help resolve those issues.

We will work together in partnership with you to ensure you have the best possible experience and achieve your goals, graduating with a degree that you can be proud of. 

Professor Julie Jomeen
Dean of Health and Head of School
School of Health and Human Sciences