Professional experience

The School of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University is committed to ensuring students undertake professional experience placements in the industry, to provide them with practical understanding of their chosen field and the opportunity to work with professionals.

The School of Health and Human Sciences has a concern and a duty to promote and support public health and to provide a safe learning environment for students.  From 1 January 2017, all students of the School will be required to be vaccinated, subject to health or religious exemptions, prior to participating in activities which may expose them to becoming infected with or transmitting infectious diseases. Activities that are higher risk include, but are not limited to:

  • Any type of Professional Experience Learning including placement, volunteering, or community engaged learning;
  • Laboratory work that involves handling non cadaveric human tissue or waste, or other human specimens; and
  • Participation in a project, research or other work that requires the student to attend a health facility, clinic, school, or service or otherwise have direct contact with the public.

This requirement applies to all students regardless of the vaccination guidelines of the organisation in which they are to perform the activity. 

It also applies to existing students undertaking higher risk activities in connection with their studies. Students need to contact the Professional Experience Unit as soon as possible to confirm what is required or apply for an exemption on either of the above grounds.

Professional experience placement requirements

Prior to applying for one of the courses listed below, be aware of the inherent requirements and adhere to the following information.
Note: Further details about when and how to fulfil these requirements will be sent to students upon enrolment.

Professional experience placements require students to fulfil certain vaccination and compliance requirements prior to attending placement.

Placement compliance requirements are, but not limited to:

  1. Southern Cross University vaccination requirements in accordance with below state health policies:
  2. National Police Certificate
  3. First Aid Certificate (applicable to certain courses)
  4. NSW Working with Children Check
  5. QLD Blue Card
  6. Professional Experience Obligations and Disclosure Consent
  7. NSW Health Code of Conduct Agreement

Southern Cross University has incorporated a combined NSW and QLD assessment procedure as students may need to attend placements in both states.

It is important for students to understand these vaccination and compliance requirements for professional placement before commencing their chosen course. Furthermore, preparation for placements is encouraged as some requirements can take up to 5 months to complete (eg vaccinations).

General information and costs

  • Students who have not completed pre-placement compliance requirements will be unable to commence their placement.
  • Professional experience placements within local areas may be restricted due to availability, and as such, extended travel to/from professional experience placement outside your local area may be required.
  • Students can also be directed to attend placement at any NSW or Qld Health facility, relevant to their course.  Private and other health facilities may have specific requirements that students must adhere. 
  • Students are responsible for any costs associated with compliance checks, accommodation and travel relating to their professional experience placement.
  • Professional experience placement requirements are subject to change. The University will endeavour to notify students within a reasonable timeframe of changes or additions to professional experience requirements with which students must comply.
  • See the School's Guidelines for Pregnant Students relating to attendance on Professional Experience.
  • Additional requirements for overseas students may apply.

SCU policies

Please consider the following Southern Cross University policies relating to professional experience:

Community Engaged Learning policy
Community Engaged Learning At-Risk procedures

Southern Cross University will, under the National Law, notify the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency if a student undertaking clinical training has an impairment that may place the public at risk of harm.

Courses with professional experience placement

Students in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees undertake professional experience placement as an integrated part of the following courses:


Please contact the Professional Experience Unit in the School of Health and Human Sciences for more information:

T: 07 5589 3439