Hi, I'm Clint Willoughby, the manager of the Professional Experience unit at Southern Cross University in the School of Health and Human Sciences.

With any degree with the School of Health and Human Sciences you will be carrying out professional placement.

Before you go on any health placement you need to meet certain requirements.

Those requirements can be found the professional experience website, and one of those is vaccination requirements, which can take up to four months.

So, please start as soon as possible.

The Professional Experience Unit can help you establish those requirements and meet all the compliance requirements along the way to have a successful career in that chosen path.

The Professional Experience Unit will communicate via a number of different platforms; via SMS, email and SONIA.

SONIA is the compliance database for the School of Health and Human Sciences where you will see all your compliance requirements, where you can provide documentation.

Also, this is where we will provide you with your placement allocations.

So, this will be a very handy database for you to refer to throughout the duration of your degree and continue to engage with that process and always communicate with the Professional Experience unit if you need help.

Please remember to be professional, well organised and prepared for your placement.

Again, welcome to the School of Health and Human Sciences and the Professional Experience Unit.