Pre-Placement Compliance Requirements

All School of Health and Human Sciences students must meet the pre-placement compliance requirements, listed below, before being approved for any placement.

Start Immediately:  Enrolment for professional experience units will require students to fulfil vaccination and compliance requirements*.

Requirement Valid Cost Time required Submission Checklist
Vaccinations Specific to each vaccination Yes 4+ months Scan (pdf) and email to
Professional Experience Obligations & Disclosure Consent (PEODC) eform For the duration of your degree No 1 hour Electronically via SONIA
QLD Blue Card 3 years No 8+ weeks Apply in person at the PEU
First Aid Course including CPR

3 years First Aid

1 year CPR
Yes Depends of the course availability.  Only the official certificate/card of completion is accepted as evidence. Scan and upload certificates to SONIA

National Police Certificate**

(Submit National Police Certificate and NSW Health Code of Conduct together.)
5 years Yes 30 days Scan and upload to SONIA

NSW Health Code of Conduct

(Submit National Police Certificate and NSW Health Code of Conduct together.)
No expiry No 1 hour Scan and upload to SONIA

*Enrolment into placement and lab units may require PEU approval. 

**International students may have additional requirements and will need to submit both an International Police Certificate and National Police Certificate.

Contact us

  07 5589 3439


Valid: Specific to each vaccination
Submission to PEU: emailed to 
Important: Submit NSW Health Attachments 6 and 7 with vaccination records

Students of the School of Health & Human Sciences are required to be vaccinated,* prior to participating in activities which may expose them to becoming infected with or transmitting infectious diseases.

Activities that are high risk include, but are not limited to:

  • any type of Professional Experience learning including placement, volunteering, or community engaged learning;
  • laboratory work that involves handling non-cadaveric human tissue or waste, or other human specimens; and
  • participation in a project, research or other work that requires the student to attend a health facility, clinic, school or service have direct contact with the

It is mandatory to complete the required vaccinations, in your first year of study as per State policy, ensuring you have immunity against specified infectious diseases:

  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (Whooping Cough).
  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella
  • Varicella (Chicken pox).

How to obtain vaccination records?

Students must download the Vaccination Requirements - Evidence Checklist. This document outlines the vaccination requirements in further detail and outlines the appropriate evidence/documentation required.

There are a numbers of ways students can obtain vaccination records which include:

Influenza Vaccination 

The annual influenza vaccination continues to be the most important measure to prevent influenza and its complications, therefore the School of Health and Human Sciences have made the influenza vaccination a mandatory requirement for all clinical placements. 

The influenza virus has an unique ability to change its surface structure, so annual vaccination against the latest version of the flu is required. Vaccination should ideally occur between March and May each year, as many clinical placements will only accept students who have had the influenza vaccination to allow for staff and patient safety.

How to submit vaccination documentation?

  1. Obtain vaccination records per the process outlined above - How to obtain vaccination records? 
  2. Submit the Professional Experience Obligations and Disclosure Consent (PEODC) eform via SONIA forms tab.
  3. Email scanned vaccination documents (PDF only) evidence to

EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: Student Name, Student ID, Course, Placement commence date as ddmmyyyy


  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Mobile
  • SCU email address
  • Discipline of Study
  • Campus 

* subject to health or religious exemptions 

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  Professional Experience Obligations & Disclosure Consent eform (PEODC)

Valid: for duration of degree

Submission to PEU: electronic form completed and submitted within SONIA

  • This agreement describes your responsibilities and obligations to the University and its agencies during the placements, as well as other important information about the professional
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to notify the PEU immediately if you become aware of anything that might adversely affect your professional experience obligations or your fitness to practice
  • Complete the Professional Experience Obligations & Disclosure Consent (PEODC) eForm in the Forms tab in SONIA.
  • Instructions can be found on SONIA.
  • By signing this agreement, you agree to comply with the terms of submitting required documentation in accordance with due dates.

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  Qld Blue Card

Valid: 3 years
Submission to PEU: in person at your campus PEU office
Important: Apply in person at PEU

Applying for a QLD Blue Card
  • Download and complete the QLD Blue Card Application 
  • Submit your application in person to the Professional Experience Unit at your nearest campus (refer to special circumstances below).
  • Processing can take up to eight (8) weeks.
  • For international students: If you do not have an Australian postal address for Blue Card, you may use the following: Southern Cross University, PEU, Locked bag 4, Coolangatta. QLD. 4225.

Your Proof of Identity documents must be certified by:

  • Justice of the Peace (JP),
  • Commissioner for Declaration (Cdecs)
  • Lawyer, or
  • Police Officer

PEU office locations:
Lismore: Z Block
Gold Coast: Level 2, Building B Room 2.15
Coffs Harbour: M1.1 

QLD Blue Card Link Form

  • If you already hold a valid QLD Blue Card, obtained outside of the University, you must download, complete and submit the QLD Blue Card Link Form
  • Submit your application in person to the Professional Experience Unit at your nearest campus (refer to special circumstances below).

Special circumstances - NEW process during the COVID-19 period

  • Please scan all forms in PDF format only and email the Blue Card Application/Link form directly to as the Professional Experience Unit will submit your forms. Please do not email your forms directly to Blue Card.

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  First aid course including CPR

Valid: 3 years (First Aid), 1 year (CPR)
Submission to PEU: upload to SONIA Checks tab

Certification is only accepted from selected professional bodies or Nationally Recognised Training organisations with the following course registration codes (accredited online courses accepted):

  • HLTAID003 (First Aid with CPR);
  • HLTAID001 (CPR only);
  • HLTAID004 (First Aid with CPR);
  • HLTAID006 (First Aid with CPR);
  • HLTAID007 (CPR only);
    • Accepted professional certificates:
    • Paramedic Certificate;
    • Certificate to Practice (ambulance);
    • NSW Health first aid/CPR qualification;
    • QLD Health first aid/CPR qualification;
    • Aged Care Facility first aid/CPR qualification.
  • Only the official Certificate/Card of Completion is accepted as evidence.
  • If you reside overseas, you will not be able to complete this course until you arrive in Australia.
  • Links to some accredited first aid and CPR courses for each campus can be found here:

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  National Police Certificate (NPC) and International Police Certificate

Valid: 5 years NPC only
Submission to PEU: upload to SONIA Checks tab

Students are required to obtain a National Police Certificate (NPC) at their own expense prior to commencing placement, which must be maintained for the duration of enrolment. Students may need to provide additional NPCs throughout the course of their study depending on the requirements of specific placement sites.

International students must also obtain a police certificate from any country they have resided in (as a permanent resident or citizen) since turning 16 years of age The police certificate must be translated into English.      

Applying for a National Police Certificate
  • Students may apply online through an accredited organisation. 

Student feedback to the PEU has indicated that CV Check have a streamlined process with most results returned in less than one day.

  • The NPC must:
    • state that it is a National or Australian-wide check
    • include the student’s full name and date of birth
    • contain the same name as on the student’s ID card
    • At the date of placement, some placement sites require the NPC not to be older than six months from the date of issue and state that you are ‘working with vulnerable groups
  • Students with a charge or conviction listed on their police check are required to have a risk assessment performed by the Employment Screening and Review Unit (ESRU), HealthShare NSW.
  • Students must immediately notify the PEU if their criminal record changes at any time during their course.

The original email/certificate must be retained by the student for verification by placement sites if required.

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  NSW Health Code of Conduct Agreement

  • Download, print, read and sign (typed signatures are not accepted) the NSW Health Code of Conductform.
  • Then upload to SONIA.
  • The original signed document must be retained for verification by NSW Health.

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SONIA is the SCU School of Health and Human Sciences placement and compliance database.  Your SONIA account will be activated by SCU upon an offered place in a course.


What is SONIA used for?

  • Important Vaccination and Compliance Requirement documentation is available from SONIA.
  • Compliance Requirements need to be uploaded to SONIA.
  • Vaccination and Compliance Requirement status can be checked in SONIA via the CHECKS tab.
  • Placement allocation and facility information is available in SONIA.
  • Placement assessment documentation is available from SONIA.

How to access SONIA?

Instructions to upload documents to SONIA

 Web form with red circle

  1. Log into SONIA and click on the CHECKS tab.
  2. Add/upload each document to the corresponding check in SONIA by selecting Browse.
  3. Please make sure you SAVE.

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