Exercise science

NEW IN 2019 

Introduced in 2019 at Coffs Harbour, the Bachelor of Exercise Science and Psychological Science provides a scientific understanding of the structure and function of the human body as it relates to movement, the interrelationships between health and disease, and the psychological bases of physical activity. Graduates are well prepared to pursue careers as a psychologist (with additional training) or in careers that have therapeutic connections to sport and exercise, such as professional athlete counselling, rehabilitation or counselling within schools and colleges.

Employment opportunities in the health and fitness industry, sport management and administration, exercise rehabilitation, exercise physiology and sport science are expanding in Australia and overseas.

It is now well recognised that adopting a healthy lifestyle combining regular physical activity with good nutrition can reduce the risk of premature death or the onset of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, obesity and diabetes. Exercise science and nutrition together give a complete picture of the human body, from the chemical and biochemical aspects to the muscles and nervous system.

Our Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science develops qualified professionals for employment in the sport, health fitness and rehabilitation areas. The course has professional recognition in various capacities.

Our Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology is a professional entry level postgraduate program. Graduates are eligible to register as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP). AEPs manage complex exercise interventions for people living with chronic disease, disability or injury. This course is accredited by Exercise and Sport Science Australia.