Graduate story: Brad McCarthy

Brad McCarthy Osteopath

A vision for primary health care provision led Brad McCarthy to embark on his degree.

"I wanted to create a place offering a holistic approach to health care covering the mind, body and nutrition. Allied Osteopathy is a five-room, multi-modality clinic where all the practitioners - osteopath, massage therapist, naturopath, dietitian, diabetes educator, psychologist, and clinical psychologist - work together, at times on the same patient."

"I owe a lot to osteopathy. My business is a very visible osteopathy clinic - and that's deliberate. I want to create a successful business where people in the community can experience osteopathy and see where it fits in conjunction with other allied health modalities.

"I believe in talking people through their osteopathic treatment so they have knowledge to help themselves outside the treatment room. I believe it can be beneficial if people develop a further understanding about what's happening with their body." Brad had been a massage therapist for several years before completing his osteopathy study and had owned and operated a number of small businesses including Au Pair House, a nanny and au pair service.

"Having small business experience gave me the belief and confidence that I could set up a health-focused one. One of my aims is to develop the business to the point where it's self-sustainable and also repeatable in other locations."Brad said the course prepared him well to be a health care practitioner.

"The degree was more than I expected. I can't say enough about the course structure and the lecturers. It was put together fantastically and well-delivered. There was plenty of hands-on clinical time in the SCU Health Clinic, plus I worked extra hours with an osteopath for the duration of the course."

Brad McCarthy
Principal Osteopath and Director,
Allied Osteopathy Integrative Health Clinic
Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (major in Human Structure and Function;
Osteopathic Studies), Master of Osteopathic Medicine