Video Transcript: Osteopathy at Southern Cross University

Graduates and Lecturers with short presentation about the educational philosophy of the osteopathic programme at SCU.

Paul Orrock
Ten years ago I founded the program in Osteopathy at Southern Cross University. The team have developed in a way that I could not have foreseen, who had a single vision of developing a program that was unique and was matching the requirements of our profession out there in the world.

Melody Burgess
At the start it’s quite hard, you know, reflecting back on things you are not so good at, reflecting on problems and issues. But,
as we have really good lecturers and support, they come in and it actually makes you more confident, it makes you a better person and
practitioner, knowing that you can tackle hard things when they come your way, you can tackle hard situations and you can reflect on that and be a better practitioner.

Darby Contra
We have world class lecturers who bring with them decades of experience and they combine with different mentors, recent graduates from the course who are out now working in the field, really encourage us to reflect, not only on the content of the subject but who we will be when we graduate into the field, and what sort of deep enquiry is needed to think, what will I offer in this growing health field.

Professor Iain Graham
We have the very fortunate situation through the University Clinic of being able to offer our osteopath graduates a clinical education and training which is state-of-the-art.

Melody Burgess
The clinic gives us proper hands on experience. We get to work with amazing supervisors that are there at every step. Any questions any problems, they help you out. You never feel alone, you never feel like you can’t get any questions answered and they're real practitioners in the real world, they have patients, they see real cases. They know how to help you and help you get the best outcome.

So by the time we finish, we come out with a pretty good confidence and a pretty good sense of how we are going to treat and how we are going to be as practitioners.

Felicity Porter
The clinical experience during the Masters aspect of the course is fantastic and the student to supervisor ratio is really good so we get fantastic hands on experience as well as great support with the supervisors.

Melody Burgess
We learn a lot from peer to peer contact, practising with each other and learning from each other. We also learn from our lecturers who treat us with a lot of respect and look after us from start to finish from first year to fifth year.

Paul Orrock
As a member of this profession of osteopathy, it’s a great responsibility to nurture these students through to graduation and to watch them succeed so much in practice, it’s incredible.

They become our colleagues from day one.

Bimbi Gray
The Southern Cross University Osteopathy Program prepared me for my professional practice as an osteopath. I felt supported and inspired to pursue the career that I wanted. At the end of my five year program I had so many opportunities.

Professor Iain Graham
The graduates that we have produced have found employment across Australia and overseas.

Our students who I speak to at graduation often praise the content of the teaching and the approach that they have had to understanding their studies.

Jaymee Howell
I felt really prepared to go out into the real world and be an osteopath.