Video Transcript: Sophie Cotton

If you ask me my passion in life it's definitely to help people understand how beautiful science is it's definitely not something nerdy for me or about a textbook to me it's one of the most beautiful things in the world understanding how our human bodies work and just the miracle that science is.

My name is Sophie Cotton and I'm studying a double degree in Biomedical Science and Law and I've just finished my second year here at Southern Cross University and it has been a fascinating whirlwind of two years.

Well, ever since I was really young I've had this fascination with the human body so I always knew I want to do something along the lines of medicine and biomedical science is a perfect stepping-stone into medicine.

I grew up in Spain.  My mum worked over there with women, in order to try and prevent human trafficking.

I got to see her work with a few people that were both a lawyer and a doctor and I got to see first hand how having both of those degrees really helps them in their work.

So fortunately Southern Cross has a number of really flexible learning options and they're also very personable. So when I had this idea of studying both biomedical science and law I knew that there'd be lots of people willing to help me pursue that.

As for the classes at SCU what I love is this fact that they're nice and small and so you get to know your academics really one-on-one and because I'm studying something that I'm really passionate about, I often have questions. So it means that they're always willing to stay after class and answer my questions, talking about what I love, what they love and getting so much more out of the learning experience.