Podiatry is a branch of health care devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Within the field of podiatry, practitioners can focus on many different specialty areas, including surgery, sports medicine, biomechanics, geriatrics, paediatrics, orthopaedics and primary care.

Podiatrists can work individually or as part of a team, in a wide range of settings, and with clients of all ages. They can work in private practice, in community health settings, in hospitals, with specialised health teams or in educational settings.

Our new Bachelor of Podiatry, prepares students for entry into professional podiatry practice. The course develops an understanding of the theoretical and practical components of podiatry and will be taught by dedicated professionals, both academic and clinical, who have a wide range of work experience.

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Graduate story

Portrait of Ed McGlynn

Podiatry graduate Ed McGlynn got interested in podiatry through running.

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See this amazing video and how flexible our toes and feet can be. (0:22)