Honours locations

The Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours in the School of Health and Human Sciences is offered at the Coffs Harbour campus on the beautiful NSW Mid North Coast and at the Gold Coast campus, located adjacent to the Gold Coast International Airport.

Studying in Coffs Harbour 

Getting to Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is easily accessible directly from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, and indirectly from anywhere in Australia, and the world for that matter. TigerAir offers cheap flights to and from Sydney, Friday to Monday, and to and from Melbourne on Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. Virgin and Qantas offer flights every day to and from Sydney. Fly Corporate / Hahn Air System offer flights to and from Brisbane every weekday as well.

Alternatively, trains are available twice a day to and from Brisbane, and three times a day to and from Sydney and Melbourne. Train rates can be very reasonable when booked in advance. For more information, visit Transport NSW (https://transportnsw.info/regional). Of course, there is also the option of catching a bus. Greyhound Buses, for example, run twice a day between Sydney and Brisbane, via Coffs Harbour. This can be a great option on a budget.

Once you are in Coffs Harbour, there a number of bus services to get you to and from the city and surrounding regions (including the many beautiful beaches). Other options include cycling or walking on the available pathways around Coffs Harbour and carpooling using a website register. Further details on transport to and from the campus.

In short, Coffs Harbour is close enough to make it easily accessible from the nearby major cities, but far enough away to enjoy the laidback lifestyle of a regional coastal town.

Every year Honours students present their research at an annual conference. Download the program

Direct Flights

Tigerair (from around $50)

  • Sydney-Coffs Harbour - Friday to Monday
  • Melbourne-Coffs Harbour – Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday


  • Sydney-Coffs Harbour – Every day


  • Sydney-Coffs Harbour – Every day

Fly Corporate / Hahn Air System

  • Brisbane-Coffs Harbour – Monday to Friday


Transport NSW

  • Brisbane-Coffs Harbour - Every day, twice a day.
  • Sydney-Coffs Harbour - Every day, three times a day.
  • Melbourne-Coffs Harbour (via Sydney) - Every day, three times a day.


Greyhound – Every day, twice a day between Sydney-Coffs Harbour-Brisbane

Getting around Coffs Harbour

Local Transport


While studying the Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours at Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour, there are two main options for accommodation. First, there is on-campus accommodation at SCU Village. Besides having your own furnished room, other features include a student lounge with a pool table, a nearby university gym, tennis courts, coin-operated laundries, and a BBQ area. Staying on-campus also gives you easy access to join fellow students in the regularly organised social events. For more information, visit SCU Village The other option is to rent a room or property off-campus. There are a number of surrounding urban areas that may offer short walks to the beach, convenient access to shops and other amenities, and transportation into University. Unistays for details. Wherever you choose to stay, the friendly staff at Southern Cross are happy to help you get settled. Feel free to contact us for more information on any of these options.

Hear from a graduate

Alexandra Nicolopoulos

Alexandra Nicolopoulos

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, Class of 2012
Coordinator, Sources of Strength NSW (School-based Suicide Prevention Trial), Black Dog Institute

Alexandra (Ally) Nicolopoulos had a less-than-perfect start to her Honours year when she moved to Coffs Harbour. Originally from a small country town in far northern NSW, Ally was initially so homesick that she would regularly do a 1,900km round trip every weekend to return home. After just a few months however, she grew to love the laidback Coffs lifestyle and friendly community and those long round trips became further and further apart.

“I spent up to ten hours a day on the campus which has great facilities but I loved that I could go for a run in the morning on the beach and the same in the afternoon when I had finished for the day. People were really friendly and from where I lived in Sawtell it was easy to get everywhere,” she said.

A second surprise during her Honours year was the direction her studies took. “I had always thought I would end up in clinical psychology. I had no inclination whatsoever towards research but the Honours year really changed my mind. This was thanks largely to my supervisor Jim Donnelly who taught me to own my research,” she said.

Ally is now completing her PhD in the suicidal motives of adolescents, combining her research with a full-time job at the Black Dog Institute in Sydney where she coordinates a school-based suicide prevention program. “My work highlights the importance of storytelling in suicide research, and argues that storytelling is, in fact, a science,” she said. “I give young people a chance to tell their stories and this has shown real therapeutic benefits...it is liberating for them to be able to relate their own experience in their own way.”

Ally completed her undergraduate degree with Southern Cross and while she found the online delivery mode excellent she said that on-campus study was extremely important in the Honours year. “It gives you the chance to access all the great facilities but also the chance to interact with your peers and supervisors; that is just invaluable in the Honours year,” she said.